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Random free ads appear here. However, you can only book this space for your own advertising
Random free ads appear here. However, you can only book this space for your own advertising
"News and Updates" Page
Hello,we have created an entire page to can announce our latest news and updates.
Also you will now be able to see our latest changes and see our evolution.
New Things #3
Hello,we have update our top list with a new advertising system.
Now can expand your advertise for more days before expires.
Celebrating 3 months!
Hey, today we are celebrating 3 months for our top list!In that 3 months we have make a very good progress and we have take a screenshot to see (Last 90 Days).We had send all our admins/owners 10 Coins as a gift for yours help!
New Design - Dark Mode
Hello, we have add "Dark Mode" for whole top list and we have fix some design minutiae.Also we have update our design for default and premium servers
New Things #2
Hello,we split "Coming Soon" and "Just Open" servers with 2 different pages to be more easy find servers with these status, also we have change our advertisement system
Check Server Status
Hello, we have make the system of status-connection to know players/admins any time if server is online or not
Number of records for each category
Hello, we have put the number of records for each category Beta,Coming Soon,Just Open on the top menu.
New things #1
Hello, we have made some updates in our vote list with some new things

1. We add Add News button on each server to can announce your news and updates. 2. We add a new system for advertises, now you can use your last banner for the spot that you have uploaded it.
3. Now you can see the statics from the last 20 advertises sport that you have bought.
4. We update our vote system on protection against force voting.
5. We update our payment system for coins.
Christmas Edition
Hello, we have enabled our Christmas Edition for whole vote list